Admission Form Class XI 2020-21

Instructions for filling the Application Form
Before proceeding to apply, please ensure that you have the following things to be upload:
  • Scanned copy of Father, Mother and Child's recent passport size colour photograph .jpg or .jpeg format only.
  • Scanned copy of Class IX Mark Sheet, Class X Pre-Board Mark sheet,Birth Certificate, Blood Group Report of child and also scanned copy of Residence Proof.
  • Please note that after successfully submitting the Application Form, the candidate will get SMS on Mobile that will ensure his/her provisional registration successfully with a Form Number. For this, candidate should provide valid mobile number.
  • Submission of this form is not a guarantee for admission.
  • Incomplete forms, or those filled with wrong information, may be rejected.
  • Please fill your details exactly as per your Class X Board Registration Record.
  • Copy of Class IX Mark Sheet and Class X Pre-Board Mark Sheet, Date of Birth Certificate, Copy of Residence Proof to be submitted at the School Reception when school opens.

Admission for Class*
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Student's Name*
Father's Name*
Mother's Name *
Date of Birth*

Mobile Number *
E-Mail Id *

Blood Group*
Physically Challenged
Aadhar Card Number of the Student
Place Of Birth
Class In Which Admission is sought*
Previous School*
Previous Class*
Mother Tongue*
Previous Academic Record to be filled for seeking admission in Class XI (Class IX-X)

Year in which appeared for Class X*
Select Class X Board*
Class X Board Roll No.*
Class X Subjects Opted*
Class X Pre-Board Exam Percentage*
Class IX Subjects Opted*
Class IX Percentage*
Name of School from which appeared*
Select Your Stream (to be filled by the students seeking admission in Class XI)

Select Stream*
Main Subject-1 (Humanities)
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Main Subject-3 (Science)
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Father's Details

Permanent Address
Occupation and Place of Work(Father)*
Father's Designation*
Office Address*
Contact No:-Mobile *
Contact No:- Office
Father's Email-id*
Mother's Details

Permanent Address
Occupation and Place of Work(Mother)*
Mother's Designation*
Office Address
Contact No:-Mobile *
Contact No:- Office
Mother's Email-id
Sibling Details

Sibling Adm. No
Sibling Name
Sibling Class
Family Information

Student Lives With*
  Both Parents      Mother      Father      Other    
Legal Custody*
  Both Parents      Mother      Father      Other    
Correspondence to*
  Both Parents      Mother      Father      Oher    
Check if appropriate :
Father Deceased    Parents Divorced    Father Remarried    Mother Deceased    Parents Separated    Mother Remarried    Parents living outside India    
Health History Of Applicant

Allergy to any food/Any other*
Does the Child have any problem during physical activity*
  Yes      No    
Conveyance Information

Willing to Opt School Transport?

Birth Certificate
Blood Group Report
Residence Proof
Parents Signature
SC/ST/OBC Certificate (if applicable)
IXth Class Result Marksheet (If Applicable)
Xth Pre Board Marksheet (If Applicable)
Upload Photo


  1. I/We am/are aware of conditions relating to admission and agree to pay all fees for which liable.
  2. I/We declare that all information given in the application is true and correct.
  3. No change in date of birth, given in the above statement can be made subsequently.
  4. Pupil's lawful and defacto guardian may sign this document only when father is dead.
  5. The school reserves the right to verify any information provided and ask for further evidence. Where fraudulent or deliberately misleading, incorrect or incomplete information has been supplied and that information has led to a place being offered which would not otherwise have been offered, the school reserves the right to cancel the admission.
  6. To apply for security refund within 2 yrs. after leaving the school, otherwise security will be forfeited.
  7. Any fee paid will be non-refundable.
  8. I understand that school can increase fee and other charges from the start of the new academic session.

* Note: By clicking the save button you accept that all the information provided above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned above as part of the agreement.
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